See Darkness Come To Light

Used by:

  • Security industry
  • Farm Patrols
  • Anti Poaching Units
  • Search and Rescue
  • Personal protection

Our Totally Customised Thermal Solutions Make It Almost Impossible To Hide From The Thermal Camera

Some Of Our Most Popular Solutions Are:

Vehicle Mounted Thermal Camera:

Fully controlled from inside the vehicle, the system provides a 360’ view of what is happening around you in the dark.

Operated by a Joystick Controller and viewed on a LCD screen, identifying any risk has become much easier and safer for the security officer.

  • Viper Thermal Solutions are totally customisable for your unique requirement.
  • Thermal video – See in zero visibility – night becomes day.
  •  Optical video – View over large distances, with x33 zoom.
  •  Adjustable Spotlight – Light up a large area around the vehicle.
  •  Mobile Recorder (NVR) can be connected should you require to record your video footage.

It has never been this easy for a single vehicle to patrol a large dark area efficiently.

Thermal Night Driving Camera

Small and compact, this camera makes driving at night less dangerous and easy to identify possible dangers beyond the reach of your vehicle driving lights.

Identify Pedestrians and Animals on the roadway up to a distance of 500m

Also used as a Security Solution; some clients may want a fix mounted Thermal camera that displays on a screen inside the vehicle.

Low cost and effective way to see in very low light and even at night.

Thermal Imaging Scope

Hand-held thermal scope let you see in the dark

With various lenses available from 25 to 75mm it is possible to detect a human up to 3600m away.

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